About Us

BIG MO PRO:   Production Professionals with a Passion for Sound.


As Big Mo Pro is not (to many of you) a widely-known brand, we thought we should share a few things with you about our values, how we approach things, and our goals. This may seem tedious to some (skip ahead to the pretty pictures now), but it helps define what sets us apart...


Big Mo Pro is a shop dedicated to designing and implementing high-quality live and broadcast audio systems, and multi-faceted event production. While we have diversified into other related areas, this remains our core focus, as we have proven to be pretty good at it.. We eat, sleep, and breathe sound, design, and production. Some days we wish this were not so, but it is no exaggeration.


We are a small, tight-knit team of people who both enjoy and care about the work we do. When you talk to us, you are talking to us - not an a associate or representative. The same person you call to set up the meeting, site visit, or order is likely the one on site managing our work, mixing the show, and/or making sure all the details are right. We do not over-extend ourselves in quantity of work, because quality execution is everything. Our compact size allows us to react quickly, and to deliver an unparalleled level of attention to each project.

But do not mistake our size with our scope: We have plenty of high-stakes experience that we carry into each project we choose to tackle.


Production elements must help to deliver your message, and never get in the way.


We focus on clear communication and attention to details, in every aspect of each event.


We are firm believers in preparation, to make sure our part of your day is as effortless as possible.
And our experience allows us to react calmly and quickly to those inevitable changes.


We do not compromise our standards for quality to attempt to meet an unreasonable budget.
We aim to deliver the best possible product, while tempering this idealism with realistic budgeting. But we also acknowledge that our goals for quality will not always intersect with budget for some clients on some projects, and exceptional service generally requires adequate time and money.

We enjoy what we do each day because we can hold our heads high and be proud of the quality of our work. If that requires saying 'no' to a few projects along the way, so be it. But once we have committed to your project, 'yes' is the only answer you should expect to hear.


In an industry full of constant developments in technology, we have stayed at the cutting edge, while maintaining our high standard for consistency and quality.

We understand the need for conventions and standards in our process, and we welcome the opportunity to explore new ways to be more effective and efficient in our results. This keeps our systems and personnel relevant now and in the future, and it keeps us excited about our work.


We remain totally invested in pushing what we do forward - as a company, and as an industry. We work closely with the community of audio (and other) manufacturers to voice our feedback on existing products, and to contribute our input toward the development of new technologies. Although we are a small firm, we have been early adopters for most of the equipment we use, and we seem to have gained the attention of some of the big fish in our industry through the scope of our work, and the results we achieve.